Our range consists of security and safety outdoor PIR lights in the UK from top brands such as Searchlight, Endon, Saxby and Forum. Outdoor lights with PIR are perfect options for efficiently illuminating outbuildings, home gardens, entrances and pathways.

Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Lights UK

What is a PIR Light?

By definition, a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic device that measures infrared (IR) light which radiates from objects in the field of view. 

outdoor pir lights uk

This fancy technology is often appropriated by security devices such as alarms and automatic lighting.

Depending on personal preference, we would advise passive infrared lamps (PIR) which are triggered by movement to detect unwanted visitors or dusk to dawn lamps that are triggered by the decrease of ambient light and will remain on throughout the night until sunrise (or dawn - it's in the name!)

Up and Down Lights with PIR

These are a popular option among our customers and the perfect way to showcase your home for vanity and security purposes.

up down pir lights

The up down light is simple. It illuminates upwards and downwards and is often coupled with PIR motion sensors and ambient light settings - making sure it only turns on when it starts going dark. They are fast and easy to install.



Outdoor Wall Lights with PIR

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