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LED Brick Lights Explained

Firstly, the only brick lights that we will supply are LED ones. This is important to us as a lighting retailer as they are a lot more efficient than non-LED counterparts.

The efficiency of LED reduces the energy required to illuminate the light by up to 90%. 

What is a Brick Light?

led brick lights

LED Brick Lights are ideal for the illumination of driveways, pathways or steps. Depending on the product these can be surface mounted or recessed and are often chosen for the low level light emitted from the fittings, also known as daylight illumination.

Recessed Brick Lights

recessed brick lights

Virtually the same as brick lights, recessed brick wall lights are seamless outdoor lights. Often, these can be difficult to implement due to the rewiring involved but the seamless recess finish is often desirable to consumers.

How do I Install Brick Lights?

installing brick lights

  • Pro tip - Get the lights before running the cable. Brick lights can vary in size from brand to brand and it is important to make sure dimensions are correct for your setup.
  • If you have the lights, when the brickie is on site you can try the fittings out and see if they are producing the illumination you were looking for.
  • In an ideal scenario, the brick light would be built in as bricks are being laid. This assumes that cable has been fed to the brick light fitting. 

LED Brick Lights

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