Make Your Home Smart!

Smart Lighting  

Smart Lighting allows control from a mobile phone whilst based anywhere in the world. Suitable for multiple applications, the AOne can provide greater energy savings and be easily commissioned in less than just 15 minutes. 

Ideal for homes, offices and retail spaces, the AOne enables home and business owners to take full control of their premises from anywhere via their mobile phone. The AOne comes with several features, including scheduling and grouping, which allows lights to be programmed to dim, turn off and on at any time and help manage everything from mood to energy savings. 

If you have any questions what need answering, please call up the sales office on 01604 403333.

Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV has come a long way from just a camera, with new CCTV systems you can access it from anywhere you like due to the remote cloud monitoring.  

The main benefit on Smart CCTV is the idea that you can keep an eye on your house even when you are hundreds of miles away. Ensuring that the cameras are in plain sight is a deterrent for criminals, not only does it give you peace of mind when you are away from home, it gives you reassurance knowing you can check in at any time!

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